5 Exercises to Stay Fit, Strong and Flexible from Home

  • Cable pulls:

  • Target: Back Muscles.

    Benefits: Posture and better breathing capacity. 

    Recommended product: Resistance Tube.

  • Squats:

  • Target: Leg muscles (Glutes and Quads). 

    Benefits: Stronger legs.

    Recommended product: Power Band / Resistance Tube.

  • Anti Rotation Chops:

    Target: Core Muscles.

    Benefits: Stabilize lower back, run faster, enhance flexibility,  improve posture.

    Recommended product: Power Band / Resistance Tube.

  • Crab walks:

  • Target: Glute Muscles.

    Benefits: Support lower back, prevent knee injuries, increase power.

    Recommended product: Mini bands.

  • Assisted Hamstring Stretch

  • Target: Flexibility.

    Benefits: Correct pelvis (hip) alignment, better mobility, more energy. 

    Recommended product: Power Band.