Clutch Cups - XPAND
Clutch Cups - XPAND
Clutch Cups - XPAND
Clutch Cups - XPAND
Clutch Cups - XPAND
Clutch Cups - XPAND
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups - XPAND

Clutch Cups

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If you are looking for a progressive way to keep your body in check without spending a fortune on specialist treatment we have the solution for you! Clutch Cups are here to boost your recovery, relax your muscles, improve your flexibility and keep you performing at your best! YES it's safe and YES you can do this yourself!


💪🏻 Train Harder for Longer: The suction from the cups stimulates blood flow to your target muscle and aids in the removal of toxins/lactate from your muscles. Train harder for longer knowing that you can bounce back quick from heavy training loads.

🫀 Improved Endurance: With increased blood flood you receive more oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles supporting your consistency and endurance goals.

🏋🏻‍♂️ Reach More Shots: Tight shoulders, back, and legs are very common in tennis players. Reduce muscular tension and improve your flexibility in your connective tissues.

😓 Pain Management: Cupping is often used as a complementary therapy for managing pain. Decrease muscular soreness from home!

🧘🏼‍♂️ Stress Relief and Mental Focus: Cupping therapy is not only physical but can also have a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Reducing your stress and improving relaxation can positively impact a tennis player's mental focus.



Our 4-pack of Clutch Cups are designed for self cupping so you can safely and easily apply them from home or on the go. Sit back and relax to your tension and stress melting away. We understand cupping may seem scary or unknown, so we have gone the extra mile to support you in your practice! Our cups are stored in a soft velvet bag with a QR printed on top. Scan it to enjoy free and unlimited access to instructional cupping videos from Peter who is a physiotherapist on the pro tour!


    Includes: 4x Cups: 1x Extra Small, 1x Small, 1x Medium, 1x Large.

    Made from medical grade silicone.



    These guys are built to last! Throw them around, they're gonna have your back for years to come!


      • Anyone can benefit from cupping as it is safe for all ages and abilities! If you are worried if cupping is for you please read our terms and conditions check box at checkout. 

      • How long does the skin discolouration last? Depending on your treatment time and intensity, marks can sometimes last for 2 weeks, however not all cupping methods leave a mark!
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