About Resistance Training

5 Exercises to Stay Fit, Strong and Flexible from Home
Cable pulls: Target: Back Muscles. Benefits: Posture and better breathing capacity.  Recommended product: Resistance Tube. Squats: Target: Leg muscles (Glutes and Quads).  Benefits: Stronger legs. Recommended product: Power Band / Resistance Tube. Anti Rotation Chops:   Target: Core Muscles. Benefits:...
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Training with Resistance Bands vs Free Weights
Resistance bands are commonly used by many top athletes around the world, from Roger Federer to Connor Mgregor. Versatility and performance enhancing features you can utilise from using resistance bands compared to free weights are as follows.  More Plains of...
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History of Variable Resistance Training
In recent years elastic resistance training (ERT) has become a growing trend and popular method for training. Training with resistance bands is categorised into a training method known as ‘variable resistance training’. When an exercise is supplemented with the use...
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