History of Variable Resistance Training

History of Variable Resistance Training - XPAND

In recent years elastic resistance training (ERT) has become a growing trend and popular method for training. Training with resistance bands is categorised into a training method known as ‘variable resistance training’. When an exercise is supplemented with the use of elastic bands, a variation in the load being lifted occurs throughout the range of the movement. Hence the name ‘variable’ resistance training. This differs from the constant weight you lift with free-weights (dumbbells, kettlebells etc.). Resistance band training has been scientifically proven to be effective as a training method. They cater for the needs of aspiring athletes, injured clients, elderly, gym junkies, and recreational users. Their lightweight, low impact, affordable, easily transportable, storable and colour coded properties prove appealing to their users compared to free weights. Not to mention their extreme versatility when it comes to working on different muscles and exercises. Resistance Band Training originated in the early 20th Century where they were prescribed for use in a rehabilitation sense and initial resistance bands were made from surgical tubing. As time and knowledge of the human body advanced so did resistance band training. Today they are not only being used for rehabilitation but for all walks of recreational, professional and aesthetic development. 

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