The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt - XPAND
The Gravity Belt
The Gravity Belt

The Gravity Belt

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Whether you're a seasoned professional, weekend warrior, or aspiring junior, nothing feels better than comfortably staying low on the court. Hit bigger, last longer, miss less- introducing the Gravity Belt.  


The Gravity Belt uses 0-20 kg/ 0-44 lbs of variable resistance to keep the user down in a lower, more athletic position. Simply clip on and begin training. The more you resist the tension of the bands, the harder you have to work. Naturally, you'll adopt a lower, stronger stance where you feel less resistance. This stance is known as the ideal athletic position and from here you will play your best tennis. 

Reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) is a specific type of training that focuses on improving the body's ability to respond quickly and effectively to external stimuli or unexpected changes in movement. The Gravity Belt utilises RNT whilst combining elements of strength training, balance training, and proprioceptive training to enhance neuromuscular coordination, stability, and agility.


  • Hit Clean Like Federer: The Gravity Belt keeps you down low which means stronger, smoother and more consistent hitting. 🎾
  • Win Long Rallies Like Nadal: Training with added resistance is a real leg burner- become the fittest tennis player you can be. 💪🏼
  • Counter Punch Like Agassi: A low centre of gravity is the best position to absorb and redirect power from! ✅
  • Hit Huge Power Like Williams: Master your hip explosiveness and hit the ball with maximum power! 🔥
  • Chase Down Everything Like De Minaur: Playing lower will promote lightning fast agility. 🏃‍♂️
  • Mentally Lock In Like Djokovic: Training with the Gravity Belt will challenge and improve your mental focus. 🧠


Waist XXS to XL: Our smart and super strong velcro design will hug firmly around all waist sizes. (16 - 46 inches / 40 cm- 116cm).

Height: Best suited for players taller than 4.6ft / 1.40m 

Variable Resistance: Increase or decrease tension by choosing from 3 levels of resistance with our smart clip system. (0-44lbs / 0-20kg).

The Sprint Bungee: 4.8 ft / 1.47m long which extends to 12.5 ft / 3.8m long when fully stretched. It is rated 0-10kg/22lbs.

Comfort Tech: We have embedded comfortable foam into the waist belt and ankle straps so you can focus on training and not the gear.

Material: Made from 100% natural latex imported from Malaysia.

Price Includes FREE Shipping Worldwide (We have shipped Gravity Belts to over 30 countries worldwide).

Comes with a Carry Bag.


Built to withstand the full force of every day training. In the unlikely occurrence that something goes wrong simply email us at and we will send you a new one free of charge.


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