The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band
The Kinetic Band

The Kinetic Band

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Train torsional force production and unlock your hips to develop effortless, consistent power. The Kinetic Band gives you the awareness required to feel and improve this part of your game.


The Kinetic Band enhances the process of transferring energy into your shots. We first saw this method being used by Marco Panichi, Djokovic's long time fitness coach. The added rotational resistance forces you to stabilise more through your core and become more aware of your body in space (proprioception). This proprioceptive feedback is at its strongest where the band passes your hip and your shoulder. With added feedback on these areas you can then focus intently on allowing the energy to pass freely up to your hips, through to your shoulder and into your final shot. Additionally when attached to a fence, the Kinetic Band creates resistance, pulling you backward. To counteract this force, you engage forward-leaning muscles, promoting a necessary forwards weight shift which results in more powerful shots.

A player becomes an expert when they master the ability to coordinate complex movements within the kinetic chain


Preparation: The player anticipates the ball, positioning their legs and turning their body in preparation to swing. 

Loading: Weight shifts down and to the back foot, loading energy into the lower body and core, poised for attacking the ball.

Uncoiling: The player initiates the forward swing, transferring energy from the lower body to the upper body in a sequential motion.

Contact: Energy is transferred through the entire body to the racket at the precise moment of contact with the ball.

Follow-through: The player completes the stroke with a follow-through, allowing the energy to dissipate gradually and maintains balance for the next movement.


Reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) is a specific type of training that focuses on improving the body's ability to respond quickly and effectively to external stimuli or unexpected changes in movement. The Kinetic Band utilises RNT whilst combining elements of strength training, balance training, and proprioceptive training to enhance neuromuscular coordination, stability, and agility.

5 Incredible Benefits Of The Kinetic Band

Power Enhancing: The Kinetic Band provides physical feed back on the efficiency of your rotational + forwards energy which means you can literally feel what it takes to generate optimal power from your full body! 🎾


Positioning Feedback: Learn to space the ball from your body and swing to your side or your racket will brush over the band, limiting your swing path. This leads to a longer strike zone and cleaner hitting. 💪🏼

Ready to React: Develop exceptional balance through engaging core stabilisers and developing a strong base of support. ⚖️


Early Ball: Due to the constant backwards resistance you must always be on your front foot, balanced and ready to move forward into shots. This helps you with taking time away from your opponent with your movement. 🏆


Mental Challenge: Training with the Kinetic Band will challenge and improve your mental focus. 🧠


  • One Size Fits All: The Kinetic Band fits and serves players of all ages and abilities. Thanks to the sliding adjustment sleeve you can find the perfect fit your size.
  • Resistance: 0-7kg / 0-15.4 lbs 
  • Starting length: 2m / 6.6 ft (while wearing the band wrapped around your body - approx.).
  • Tensioned Maximum Length 5.8m / 19 ft (while wearing the band wrapped around your body - approx.).
  • Comes In Carry Bag: with handle for use with partner or without fence!
  • Price Includes Free Shipping Worldwide!



Built to withstand the full force of every day training. In the unlikely occurrence that something goes wrong simply email us at and we will send you a new one free of charge.

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