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Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups
Clutch Cups

Clutch Cups

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    "Expect a tight yet satisfying pulling sensation as the cups release and relax your muscles. Enjoy this faster, more convenient, effective form of recovery."

     TARGET: All muscle groups, trigger points, hands, feet and joints. 

    RECOMMENDED FOR: Weekend warriors through to pro athletes.

    SUCTION STRENGTH: Medium-Strong.

    BEST USED WITH: An emollient (moisturiser, oil, liquid).

    EXTRAS:  Includes our black RR velvet carry bag and instruction brochure.

    CONVENIENT: Self applicable at home, gym, office and on the move.

    AFFORDABLE: No longer pay upwards of $100 per professional cupping session.

    TRUSTED BY: Professional athletes, trainers and therapists.

    MATERIAL: Crafted with high grade silicone. Built to last and deliver results.


    • 1 Large Cup (95mm x 70mm)
    • 1 Medium Cup (70mm x 50mm)
    • 1 Small Cup (55mm x 40mm)
    • 1 X-Small Cup (40mm x 30mm)


    Our cupping brochure has everything you need to begin your cupping journey.



    Cupping therapy plays an integral role in injury prevention and post-workout recovery. Whether you are a weekend warrior or olympian, our all-athlete cupping system is for you.

    Results come when you consistently perform at your best, so when big training sessions knock you back, prioritising your recovery is vital. The RR cupping system is fast, fun and easy to use. Whether you're on the move or relaxing at home simply apply your cups to your target area. 

    Cupping is seen to:

    • Boost circulation.
    • Reduce muscle tension.
    • Improve relaxation.
    • Increase range of motion.
    • Enhance performance and more.


    Recovering on the go can't get much better! Weighing less than 250grams simply throw your Clutch Cups in your gym bag or in your suitcase. Fast and easy to apply you can apply your Cups while you work, drive, watch tv or before/after your training.



    • Prior to cupping apply massage oil or emollient to clean skin for better seal.

    • Compress the cup.

    • Apply to the target area and release to create suction vacuum.


        • STATIONARY cupping: Leave on for 7-10 minutes. You may also lift, release, rotate or move the cup from side to side.

        • DYNAMIC cupping: Suction the cup then perform slow gliding movements across the affected area.

        • SHAKING/ROTATING cuppingThis is where you shake and/or rotate the suctioned stationary cup. This method is great when you want to concentrate on a specific spot to loosen off. 


        Enjoy the feeling of muscle relaxation & improved mobility.

        Common FAQs:

        Will I get dark bruises?

        Cupping marks are not bruises. Expect temporary circular skin discolouration after using this recovery method. The marks produced after stationary cupping may be due to either blood stagnation, previous injury or a buildup of lactic acid/toxins brought to the skin surface. Some cupping marks disappear within minutes, while others may last up to several weeks. 


        Does cupping hurt?

        Expect a tight, yet satisfying pulling sensation as the cups release and relax your muscles. Adjust the tension of each cup by choosing how hard you squeeze them onto your body.


        How long do the marks last?

        Cupping marks can last between hours and weeks, depending on the suction strength, muscle tightness/type, and the time you apply them for.  


        Is it safe for kids?

        Silicone massage cupping is safe and can be used to treat all ages. However we do recommend parental supervision during application for kids under the age of 14. If you have any further concerns, please contact your local physiotherapist. *See all the FAQs in our FAQ page listed at the footer of our website.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Menu Puni
        Thank you

        I am using the clutch cups daily and helps the muscle tightness and pains of the muscles. I was in South Korea in 2019 for a month and that was when the first cups were applied during an acupuncture session with a Korean doctor. On our second visit, I asked if he has a spare set I could buy, but there was none. Then at the Q ll swimming pool in Christchurch the week I ordered my clutch cups, a guy had 2 of his cultch cups with him. I asked him of where he got them from and he gave me your address. Thank you


        Super fast delivery!! So excited to use them!!

        MIchael D'Esposito
        Muscle tightness

        I have recently purchased these and find they have been an excellent addition to my post training recovery. Really help with getting blood to the muscle and the relaxation feel after is awesome!


        These may be my new favourite recovery tool. So easy to use, great relief from not much effort, transportable and versatile- a must have/try for those wanting to recover faster!

        Rob Reynolds
        Fixed my Rotator Cuff

        Thanks bro, been using your cups and they’re mean! Really helped my rotator cuff pain and easy to use! Keep up the good work!

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