Massage Cups- Terms and Conditions

"By purchasing our silicone massage cups you agree to our terms and conditions of this sale. You understand that a natural result of cupping is skin discolouration. These marks can last days and up to weeks depending on the person and the cupping process. You agree that you will use the cups at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you consult a qualified medical practitioner before you intend to use our products to treat an injury or illness and that you rely on this advice. Do not use the cups on broken or infected skin.

If for some reason using our products results in injury to you, we, or any other entity or representative promoting our products, will not be liable to you for this injury.

We do not offer returns for our cups due to hygiene reasons. All other Terms and Conditions are noted on our official terms and conditions policy page. By ticking the acceptance box you agree that you have fully read and understood our policies and wish to proceed with your order."

The provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act will apply to your supply of these products to individuals - this includes the fitness for purpose guarantee which cannot be contracted out of.