Pro Insight On Sweaty Palms in Tennis: 7 Proven Strategies

Pro Insight On Sweaty Palms in Tennis: 7 Proven Strategies - XPAND

Mastering the Battle Against Sweaty Palms

Authored by Pro Tennis Player Rob Reynolds (tips and guides). 

Sweat, and the accompanying challenge of sweaty hands, poses a formidable obstacle for every tennis enthusiast. If you've ever played in scorching temperatures or high humidity, you're well acquainted with the frustration. Sweaty hands have the power to shatter your focus and undermine your game in an instant.


Drawing from personal experimentation and an array of methods, I've identified effective ways to keep sweat at bay and enhance your tennis experience.

Not all tactics yield identical results, but combining various techniques can transform your next tennis match or tournament into a far more enjoyable endeavor.


While not every tennis player grapples with sweaty hands, for many, it's an ongoing battle. Excessive sweat compromises your grip and control of the racket, increasing the risk of the racket slipping mid-swing. This not only jeopardizes your performance but can lead to equipment damage and, worse, the development of blisters. Factors like ambient temperature, humidity, and court conditions can exacerbate sweating, making it a persistent challenge.

Strategies for Managing Sweaty Hands in Tennis

  1. The Best Overgrips: Overgrips play a pivotal role in sweat control and feel. Pros will add a new over grip for every training session. The best grips for moisture control and used by most professionals are the Tourna grip or the Wilson Pro Overgrip. Keep spare overgrips on hand, as they may need frequent replacement, especially during extended play in hot conditions.

  2. Pro Secrete... ICE ICE BABY: Placing your hands on/in ice shrinks your pores and decreases the amount of sweat you produce. I used to massively rely on this when playing in crazy hot conditions like Thailand or Florida! Between ends or on breaks give this tip a try!

  3. Grip Fix Gel: One of my buddies on the pro tour used an anti perspirant gel on his hands to help with grip. I personally hated the feel of having the tacky feeling permanently on my skin as it would make swift grip changes more sticky. Could be worth a look though! 

  4. Harness the Power of Wristbands: Wristbands, though stylish, serve a functional purpose by preventing sweat from running down your arms. Choose wider wristbands for enhanced sweat absorption.

  5. Keep a Quality Towel Handy: Select a moisture-absorbing towel and keep it at the back of the court during play. 

  6. Check out Xpand Finger Tape: I personally developed this tape to help gain extra grip on the racket while also protecting my hands from blisters. It is made of a hybrid cotton/spandex material to ensure no control is lost and it has great adhesiveness to stay on firm during long sweaty sessions. Pick up a set at 

  7. Rotate Racquets Strategically: When your absolutely dripping wet you can consider having a couple rackets with fresh grips in which you can rotate throughout the session. Remember to thoroughly dry the grips in the sun post training or replace them with new ones. 

Experiment and find what works best for you. 1% better can be the difference to you winning and loosing matches. All the best with your tennis endeavours and keep working hard!
- Rob Reynolds, Founder of Xpand and professional tennis player.

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